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CHARACTER NAME: Lucrezia Borgia




CLASS: Anti Hero



In the beginning of the series, Lucrezia is little more than a child. While she understands what her brothers are doing to help their father become elected Pope, she still views the world innocently. She doesn't recognize the extent of the hatred her family receives. She holds idealistic notions of love, shocked especially when Djem tells her that men often beat their wives. Even in her marriage to Sforza, Lucrezia expected him to love her. It's only during their wedding night that the illusion is shattered. Despite this, she still maintains a level of innocence. Her love for Paolo being born from it, as well as her belief that men can be inherently good, as for example with the French King.

She's extremely kind and welcoming to people of all stations. She befriends a maid in her husband's home, Franscesca, often speaking to her as she would an equal. She also begins a love affair with a groom, showing non of the arrogance that the nobility often bestowed on the lower classes. She loves him for himself, not for his station. She is the only one of the Borgia family to show scruples when it comes to using others, having a level of humanity that the others don't.

One of her sweeter traits is her lack of judgement. This is shown most clearly in her friendships with Djem and Giulia Farnese. Djem bears a great deal of scorn and scrutiny because of his faith. Even the Pope isn't above referring to him as a heathen and infidel, but Lucrezia doesn't. She shows a great deal of affection for the prince, even hinting at first love. Giulia is another friend. While Vanozza hates Giulia inititially, Lucrezia doesn't, often confiding in Giulia and seeking her advice when it comes to men. Her relationship with the Pope doesn't matter in her eyes. She sees the person, not the faith or the position.

She isn't above acting to preserve her own interests or protecting herself. Notably, she pours water on the floor to injure her husband to keep him from reclaiming his marital rights. She happily lets Paolo break his leg, if only to get some peace away from Giovanni. She later humiliates him by declaring him impotent so that her marriage to him can be annulled. This will later develop in the show, having her grow into a power house in her own right, but the seeds are planted early in the season.

This coincides often with the use of her charm. Lucrezia knows how to wield her charm for her own benefit as well as for her family. She steps up into this role while she is held captive by the French King. She openly flirts with him and peppers him with comments, earning his respect and devotion. This culminates in her ability to keep Charles from entering Rome by force, sparing the lives of her family and the people. She is able to diffuse the conflict in the open field that nearly lead to Juan's defeat and/or death.

Above everything else, Lucrezia is a romantic. When Djem dies, she continually sees him in her dreams and often kisses him, holding fast to that first love. With her first lover, Lucrezia calls him "Narcissuss" because of his divine features. She believes wholly in love and chases after it with often devastating consequences. Her affair with Paolo, for example, leads to him being whipped by Sforza and then later being killed by Juan. Her affection for Cesare slowly shifts into something deeper and abnormally close. She is so desperate for love that she often makes bad decisions, which later in the series, has her sleeping with Cesare.

She doesn't give up her dreams or romantic ideals, which are the greatest aspects of her personality.

Belladonna: Lucrezia is able to exude a poisonous aura that envelops a 10 foot radius. The effects of the poison is dizziness and disorientation. If they don't retreat in two minutes, they will develop a nose bleed and a headache. In five minutes, the victim will begin coughing up blood and having difficulty breathing. In 10 minutes, the victim will succumb to the effects of the poison.
Lays Hands: Lucrezia is able to heal someone through touch, removing illnesses and serious injuries. However this power can only be used every three days. If she attempts to heal in between that time, she will begin to drain her vitality, leaving her sick and weak in place of the patient.
Azrael: This power summons a specter resembling the angel of death. For an hour, the angel guards and protects Lucrezia, attacking anyone it sees as a potential threat to her. The angel is vulnerable to and can be repelled by demonic attacks. Other holy weapons can destroy the specter as well. If Lucrezia summons the angel during noncombat, it will turn and attack Lucrezia instead. The angel wields a blade of fire and its combat skills are limited to this.


[She had to have someone turn on the device for her, to actually transmit her image through video. It was a strange thing, as though she were speaking through a magic mirror, bare for all the world to see. Though she didn't need this...thing to let the world view her and judge. There were books on her, so she was told. A sordid history that made the most depraved gods look saintly. No, this could not be allowed to rest.


I am a Borgia. I know what that name has come to mean and what has been whispered of me. I am a lady, one not of legend, but flesh and blood. Only God may judge me and He knows my sins, what they are. I have suffered gossip, but if I must be in this world, I will not allow such things to be said of me.

Nor of my brother.

If you desire the truth, then speak with me. I have nothing to hide and I know confession is good for the soul.

[She would be naked in this way. God would forgive.]

There were tales of heroes and monsters, stories that Lucrezia had adored as a child. In her youth, she had believed that she would live as they did, that she would experience a sweeping romance and understand true devotion. Perhaps even wed a man as heroic as Achilles and brave as Perseus, but reality had a way of casting light to the dreams of the night. Rome did not foster romanticism, no matter what the poets and artists might portray. It was a breeding ground for sin and duplicity, not a place for heroes, only those willing to do what they must to survive. Her beloved Cesare included.

In all of her fantasies, she could never have created the world that she found herself in. There was no softness in it either, but of a different sort. It was a place of steel and iron, devoid of color. There were men that she had never seen before, cultures as diverse and strange as the ones brought to Rome by her father. Even if she could wrap her mind around this strange place and all the strange...things that others used ('phones', what were those?), the Devil's gifts left her mind reeling. They were so embraced, so...accepted, as though it were normal.

What would Cesare make of it, if he were here? For solace and as a means to be close to him once more, she visited the art museum every day. It was a route she knew better than the one she made to work (how degrading!) The guards knew and recognized her, allowing her to linger longer than the other patrons. Hours she would spend in the Renaissance section, gazing at the art that adorned her father's walls and created by artists she knew. There was even one that tore at her heart more than any other. Her brother's portrait. It was cruel. He was so close, tantalizingly near, but he would never see or hear her. He only existed on a canvas. Sometimes, the pain was so great, she would leave the museum in tears.

Yet it wasn't weakness that he encouraged in her, it was strength. However much she longed for him, she knew he would not want her to simply give way to sorrow. She had to continue, even if it meant conquering the Devil's gifts. She was a Borgia and Borgias did not accept defeat.

"He is very handsome, don't you think?" She asked the patron next to her, smiling fondly at the canvas. "The artist did well to capture the fire in his eyes. Not many are capable of that." Fire that she possessed as well. She only needed to find it.


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